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Release Date 2005-11-22

warning: template "ric_1.6b-0.2" - not supported all features. include only as example !!
use template "base"

if you use GROUP and REALNAME, plese use FULL path !!

features list

  • Graphic report
  • new language (English,Russian,Italian,Hungarian,Portuguese - Brazil,Bulgarian,Spanish)
  • you can select how represent digit 550 980 198 or 525.5 M
  • month/year Group report
  • Real Name & Group in user info ...
  • new features in template engine for better look;
  • templates now support pictures
  • new messages in language file
  • WhoUseSite new column RealName & Connect
  • MonthDetail New Column (Graph,Month,RealName)
  • Day_Detail New Column (RealName,Group)
  • User_Detail show Group in header, and RalName. show link Big files (if user exist in),total report also in table head
  • bigfiles username now link to user detail. calculate total size for all file in table, fix long link bug.
  • grou_detail totaly rewriten, now support month/year report
  • user_month new report, show how many user eat traffic for all month day (monthdetail).calculate per week sum.
  • graphgraph report (histogram) for all user traffic and personal graph (monthdetail)).click to bar -> link to detail info

graph-demo.png (image/png)
index.png (image/png)
month.png (image/png)
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