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Release Date 2006-11-22

Version brief:

  • no more phantom user !!! (more carrefuly log parser)
  • no more negative in number in report ! (printf signed limit)
  • 5 time faster skip in "today" mode !!! very useful for VERY LARGE logs ...
  • LOCK lightparser run, very useful for parse BIG log files on slow machines.
  • now you my remove some user from report (skipuser)
  • new lightparser argument "YESTERDAY"
  • when show "bigfiles" report for single user, show only user files ...
  • $cfgpath variable in config file, path to config files ...
  • $showgroupid parameters in config, you my hide GROUPID from report ...
  • now update time show correctly in all cases !
  • new .putget column in report, how much data user send outside proxy ...
  • better and informative cgi error handler !!!
  • new ip2name format, be carefuly !!
  • new ip2name samples (ip2name.smb,ip2name.dhcp)
  • You my use another template temporaly (param &tpl=)
  • new sample template, pure TEXT, useful in some cases
  • sunday color on graph now also red
  • new languages (Ukrainian and Czech)

Release Notes

                Ip2Name use NEW function name, please update your files if need (more info see below)

NEWS: (in random order)

Feature Description
You my use another template temporaly
in some rare cases, you need change template temporary. as example for PRINTING, or other task.
now we can add &tpl=yourtpl for temporary template change.
now lightsquid include one interesting templete, "TEXT". try play with it.
also try play using wget ....
better CGI part error handling
now LightSquid explain error message  in CGI part
negativ number in report
sometimes in user_detail report  you my see negative number, especialy if user download more that 2GB
now error fixed ...
no more phantom user !!!
sometime access.log contain "invalid" lines
1) first record truncated, but second record added and concatenated with previous string
1122243156.898 1287 TCP_MISS/200 332 POST htt1122274545.326 1 .....
2) user enter url contain SPACE example: www.

if you use accounting by AUTHUSER it that cases you see "PHATNOM" user
now LightSquid can correct use that line !
Special thanks to George Moury, who found this problem !
.putget column in report
experimental feature. try calculate how much data user transfer outside
2 new variable in configuration file
#show how many data user send to internet
$showputpost         = 1;
#if putpost higer this variable (in percent), highlight it
$putpostwarninglevel =15;
new ip2name format I rename IP2NAME function

GetNameByIP -> Ip2Name
StartUser -> StartIp2Name
StopUser -> StopIp2Name

see ip2name folder for examples
now you my remove some user from report
many user ask me about this features.
now if USERID exist in skipuser.cfg file, user ignored by LightSquid
$cfgpath LightSquid use bunch of .CFG files, now you must define path  to thist files.
(many user ask me why groups not work from cron but work from root, now this "bug" fixed automatically)
report update time
now "Update" time work correct on ALL system. now "update time" stored in database
(before 1.7 lightsquid i use "mtime" record, but on some system that not work)
LightParser LOCK true story:
once my friend call me.
he say "LightSquid" eat 100% cpu time, loadavg about 4 !
i see his systems, and found 11 copies ligtparser in memory !
after investigation i found "truoble"
logs rotates once in month
log size ~1GB
and lightparser in cron run without "TODAY" ....
i fix trouble, add TODAY in cron, and increase run interval

but after this story i add some features in LightSquid
now lightparser check another copy, and can't start if found ...
#path to `lockfile` ;-)
$lockpath               =$reportpath;
#if lockfile older $maxlocktime second, remove old lock file.
$maxlocktime	     = 30*60;
FAST datefilter skip
second feature from previous story:

i speed up date filter in 5 times !
this very useful for LARGE log files

please use today in cron

WARNING: this feature work only with squid native format $squidlogtype=0;
many user also ask about this parameter for lightparser
bigfiles.cgi user filter
now if you click on "User download "Big Files" link in user detail report, you see "bigfiles" only for current user.
you may hide groupid
now you my hide groupid from reports
#if not zero, groups look like "01. Group1", if zero - "Group1"
$showgroupid         = 1;

Special THANKS:

Vitaliy Zapolskyy - thanks !

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