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Release Date 2009-07-10

Version brief:


Release Notes

NEWS: (in random order)

Feature Description
Perl 5.10 support
in several rare cases incorrect site was showed (but values calculated correctly)
odnoklasniki & vkontakte
odnoklasniki & vkontakte now aggregated
no more error 500
readable error message if libgd not installed or user forget define $graphmaxuser
try to use gif if gd not support png
thanks to Konstantin M. Mefodichev
additional check in
now several additional checks in, check format type and other minor checks
eng.lng: maj -> may
thanks to rom cam
base.tpl now with Home link
each page of base.tpl now contain link to home page ....
several checks for $skipuser
please use '' instead "" in config for $skipuser ...
bug with today was fixed
parameter today not work (timestamp now 10 digits
smart recovery
try to recover access.log record only if log contain not more than 4 additional row ...
no strange user if a lot of additional rows on log
.overuser for user penalty
now each report folder contain .overuser file, you can use if for user penalty ...
several additional tools
see in Tools folder
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